5 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Partner During S3x

Love bites are actually cute and they remind one of the passionate time you had but nobody likes being bruised, hurt, after a hot session of s3x but at times things like this happen.

Listed in this article are some unknown ways you accidentally bruise your partner during s3x.

Holding your partner close to you can be sensual as well as pulling them closer, even more during s3x but digging your nails in their back so hard can cause injury even if it is not much.

Nibbling the earlobe can be a very s3xy move, and a lot of people are in love with earlobe nibbling but not been gentle while nibbling your partner’s earlobe can result in an accident so always remember to be gentle and don’t get carried away.

“Just like nibbling earlobes, the rule for being gentle applies to biting as well, in the throes of passion, you might want to bite your partner, but keep the animal in you in check”.

Wearing jewellery, wristwatch or bracelets during s3x can cause injury and also result in bruising.

While trying different positions during s3x, you have to consider your safety too, s3x on a rough surface, where your back or knees can get bruised is not a good idea.


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