Samuel Eto’o: What Jose Mourinho Made Me Do Before Champions League Final Win

Cameroonian football legend, Samuel Eto’o has revealed Jose Mourinho made him do the pre-match talk before the Champions League final in 2010.


The duo of Eto’o and Mourinho helped Inter Milan to a historic champions league triumph against Bayern Munich in 2010, beating the German giants 2-0 to clinch the trophy.

The former Barcelona striker has now revealed how the Portuguese boss trusted him to lead the Inter squad to win the prized asset due to his remarkable record of wining multiple trophies at Barca.

Samuel Eto’o revealed: “He did his usual pre-match team talk and then he said: ‘Now Samuel will tell us how to win.’”

“In a final, normally, it’s not the team that plays the occasion that wins, but the team which plays the match.

“In a final, it’s not important how you play but only that you take the trophy home.

“And each one of us believed we had worked really hard to reach this final.

“We had been to places such as Barcelona and London to play Chelsea — it was over 40 years since we’d last won it.

“There were so many emotions, and I told the guys: ‘I’ve won many finals, I’ve played many, thank God, but this is the most special,’ — because we could feel we had to do something for a city, for a group of people who deserved it.

“So I told the guys: ‘Either we die on that pitch and come home with the trophy, or we die and don’t return to Milan.’

“But, thank God, it all went well and we returned home to Milan with the trophy.”

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